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Town Around Driver App

Your Schedule

Drive & Deliver whenever you want.

We work with you.

No Ratings

Everyone is a 5-star driver. We don't let the stars come in your way.  

Daily Pay

Drive today and get paid tomorrow, except weekends

Food Delivery

Got some questions?

Accept the Task

Your app will ring when a new task is assigned. Simply tap to accept.


Head to the restaurant to collect your assigned job. Provide your order ID and collect your task. 


Deliver the order to your customer and once delivered your app will display your earnings.

Drive, Deliver & Earn

Choose your style

Freelance it

Drive and deliver on a casual basis whenever you can. Earn from deliveries, Surge pricing, and bonus payments during the week. 

Do it Part-Time 

Drive on regular basis weekly and get weekly fuel top-ups on top of the standard earnings. 

Join as permanent 

We hire permanent drivers in some of the areas. Join us as a permanent driver and get Weekly fuel allowances and a minimum earning guarantee.

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