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A Saturday Morning Food Tour of Albany

Oooohh my goodness. Please excuse me as I may fall in to a fully satisfied food coma at any minute. Just look at this ....

Oh yes, this is what I have spent my Saturday morning doing. Seriously, how lucky are we in Albany?! I could do this every week, there are so many other places I want to check out too.

Saturday mornings in Albany, if you aren’t running around between sporting games and manage to get in to the CBD it’s actually buzzing on a beautiful sunny morning like this. We have three large markets to visit, Albany Centennial Markets at Centennial Oval, Stirling Terrace Markets... on Stirling Terrace, and my favourite, the Albany Farmers Markets on Collie Street - perfect to collect all your fresh and delicious produce for the week ahead.

And within walking distance of all this you will find my three stops today. First of all was Barletta, tucked down between UWA and the Albany Train Station.

Honestly, it’s such a beautiful little space, with a beautiful friendly team running things. I was quite tempted to settle in for a bowl of their incredible Pork Tonkotsu Ramen - this is no 2 minute noodles my friends, the chefs at Barletta take 3 days to prepare the ramen broth, chashu pork is braised in 2 stages in mushroom, sake, dashi and soya base, and shoyu eggs are marinated overnight. But sitting still in one place was not in my plans today - I have to show you this ramen though.

Yum! But moving on, my actual food tour. So I went to Barletta for my next favourite they offer - Bubble Tea. Let me start by saying, I don’t drink tea, and i hadn’t had bubble tea until a few weeks ago - but I just knew I would love it! And I was right. Thankfully the Barletta Bubble Tea Menu makes ordering clear and simple for newbies like me, you choose black tea or milk tea, choose your flavour, your sweetness level, and best of all, your yummy jelly and pearl additions. Today I went with Strawberry Flavour with Strawberry Jelly, so delicious and fruity! I do love my Brown Sugar flavour and Coffee Jelly and Pearls though.

So, Bubble Tea in hand we headed off to the next stop on my tour of greatness - Drip Lock Doughnuts. You can find an abundance of information about Drip Lock in a previous blog of mine here

Thankfully, due to their epic popularity, I had ordered ahead - unfortunately though not ahead enough and only the Maple and Spiced Bacon doughnuts were left for preorder, oh poor me. Thankfully this is my all time favourite doughnut ever!! So of course I had ordered 6. And as always, extras were available to buy if you get there in time, before they sell out. So my lucky vegetarian friends got a Passionfruit cheesecake doughnut and a Raspberry White Chocolate Doughnut. Yum!!

Aaaaand off we go again... next stop Six Degrees Albany. The coolest Bar in town. Honestly it reminds me so much of the bars you find down random alleyways that turn out to be the best finds in Melbourne.

But a quick stop for me today. Now I usually go straight for the Sticky Pork Tacos. My favourite Tacos ever, with sticky delicious Pork Belly, lettuce, aioli and the most incredible pineapple salsa on soft tortillas. But I thought no, try something new today, not just Pork Tacos - Get some Pork Bao Buns. Haha. So I did, sticky twice cooked Pork Belly glazed in ketjap manis with crunchy cabbage and fried shallots in perfect fresh Bao Buns. And served with Six Degrees incredible crispy, crunchy thick cut Gringo Chips. Perfection.

So that was my morning, I highly recommend you do the same some time!! Where should I go next time? I’m thinking Little Bean of Naked Bean fame and The Little Coffee Shoppe, but I am more than open to ideas!!

Thanks for reading!

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