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Adventure Time (Flying fox's and Corellas @Koombana)

The scene opens on a particularly normal kind of morning. Deciphering the difference of time between the three clocks around the house I deduce it is 8:30am and after being awake for three hours the time has come to escape the confines of home and find a haven of fun and excitement before the children decide to consume the entire contents of the fridge and cupboard. An agreement is made, so after packing the entire contents of the fridge and cupboard into a chiller bag, we head down to the park for what every parent goes to the park for. To burn as much energy out of the unusually super-charged little humans we call our children. The new #Koombana foreshore #park is the perfect location for such hyperactive people and as we arrive and begin to unload a supermarkets worth of snacks, I look around and...

It’s the apocalypse!!! Well not exactly but if there was any creature capable of so much destruction, surely the Corella has taken a special interest in dismantling the world piece by piece. Hundreds of the devilish critters are giving their very best effort to tear apart any man made structure, from shade sails to sprinklers, everything is on the menu. Despite the unhinged birds the grounds themselves are quite clearly well looked after, with a regular patrol sweeping sand blown in from the #beach and picking up litter and debris.

The star of the #park is the flying fox and at this time of the morning my boys are super excited as they have full unhindered access to the exhilarating sensation of soaring through the air over and over again. Once more revelers begin to arrive the lines will form and though the kids don’t mind waiting their turn (under adult supervision of course) there is nothing more satisfying than watching the pure joy and terror on their faces as they fly down the zip line again and again in fits of laughter.

The remnants of the Titanic jut out of the ground, two giant effigies resembling twin smoke stacks connected by a rickety rope bridge. Access to these monoliths is gained only by traversing the netting, which my youngest always takes a shine to. Almost as much as the impressively tall slide taking those who dare from the top of the stack to the soft sand below at break-neck pace. There is something undoubtedly amusing about watching my boy fly off the end of that slide, plonking into the sand and giggling his head off, already heading back to traverse the netting for another turn. A selection of swings and trampolines are less favoured than the giant slide and epic #flyingfox but in the middle of this wondrous playground is a well thought out water play area and while every parent wishes to keep their kids clean for at least a small portion of the day, they know all children are automatically drawn to water and sand and such wishes will have to kept for another day somewhere in the distant future. Cue Mud pies and the daunting realization that while I packed the car full of food as per special request, I have left no room for spare clothes.

After taking some time out for a snack... and then some... the crowds are starting to close in and though the day is a little overcast it is clear #Koombana has become the go to destination for families. With plenty of covered areas, bench seating and barbecues that look like they belong on the bridge of the Enterprise as well as a cafe for that all important morning #coffee the #redevelopment has certainly been a success. Much more of a success than my feeble attempt play it cool when I got covered in wet sand and water. Overall a super-fun morning, leaving me with the fleeting satisfaction that I may get at least an hour or two of supposed down time before the energy levels build and we go find the next #adventure. Just let me sit for a few hours and I will touch base again soon. Adsy out!

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