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Amazing discovery after One Night In Bangkok!!

Good morning Pop Pickers!! Wanna hear some tunes?? Not half!!

I just have to tell you about my latest discovery, some of you may already be in on it!! For me it was one of those, “Where have you been all my life!! All those wasted years!!” What is he banging on about now?? I hear you all cry! Well I have heard the future, and it called community radio.#communityradio

For those of you who don’t know me, (which would probably be most of you), I work what’s locally known as “up the hill” which for the uninformed is Worsley Alumina. On the days and nights I work, I car pool with a colleague. We generally engage in some interesting conversation on the journey. Things like what do we think of Trump? Will they find extra-terrestrials in our life time? Light-hearted chit chat, you get the gist. Anyway, we always have the radio playing in the background. When we are in my car, it is usually one of the commercial radio stations playing with the same songs repeating about 50 times a day. It was after a particularly exhausting night shift that we were on our way home down the Coalfields Highway. I was the passenger. The general rule is that the passenger stays awake to keep the conversation flowing and prevent the driver from feeling the fatigue of the night. On this particular morning, I was struggling. All of a sudden, I sat bolt upright and said to my mate, “Turn that up!!” He twiddled the volume knob, and what I thought I heard was confirmed! This grips me more than would a Muddy old river or reclining Buddha!! They were playing one of my favorite show tunes from the eighties!! One Night In Bangkok from the musical Chess. After belting out the track along with Murray Head, #MurrayHead (the singer) at the top of my voice, much to the annoyance of my colleague, (hey, it kept him awake), I inquired what radio station he was listening too. “It’s Bunbury community radio”#BunburyCommunityRadio he replied with a sort of Don’t you know anything? Tone to his voice. I had always thought community radio would be a bit dull. It makes me think of old men in fluffy jumpers sipping Ovaltine! I could not be more wrong with this radio station and I am now hooked.

So what’s it all about? I’ll give you the run down. Bunbury Community Radio is broadcast from the middle of paradise, (Dalyellup College in Dalyellup)#Dalyellupcollege for those of you who don’t know. The frequency is 103.7FM. The station is run solely by volunteers, this includes the DJ’s. Sometimes the music stops abruptly. On occasions the DJ crashes the lyrics, or announces the wrong song, but in all honesty, it adds to the charm of the station, makes it more real if you like. The diverse range of music is the big draw. Just to give you an idea, my wife jumped in the car the other day, there was a sixties track playing, “Jeez, you listen to some old tripe” she sighed as she plopped herself in the passenger seat. As she said it, the track finished, and the latest Pink song started playing. I pulled off the drive with a smug smile on my face. This is what I love about it. One minute you can be listening to a long forgotten hit of the sixties, the next a banging chart tune!! From someone like me who had Elvis Presley,#ElvisPresley The Sex Pistols,#TheSexPistols Bob Marley,#BobMarley Joe Dolce,#Joedolce and Renee and Renato, in my record collection. So to find a radio station that plays such diverse music is a revelation!! Their shows basically run from Monday to Friday with a huge range of music just looping over the weekend. Some of the notable shows during the week; The Breakfast show with Ron Tait, (a great way to start your day) 6-9AM. Jeff Mcnish, (didn’t he used to be the principal of Dalyellup College?) plays a great mix between 9AM and midday. There is some great specialist shows too. On Thursdays between 5 and 7PM for all you Cow girl and boys there is Kennedy’s country, 2 hours of the best Country and Western tunes. For something completely different, tune in between 8 and 10PM on a Wednesday Night and either head bang or Pogo for a couple of hours to the Brutal Show with Ben Jauncy a mix of Australian Punk,

#Punk and Metal, with a few International acts thrown in for good measure. They even have a kids section every week day with Jesse Dagostino where the youngsters can sing and dance along to music especially for them. Ideal if you run a family day care centre. With heaps more shows, they really have something for everyone and not a fluffy jumper in sight… yourself a favour and give them a try. Full show details can be seen on their website.

They are completely funded by sponsorship from local business. If you are interested in sponsoring them, again, check out the website for details.

Bunbury Rocks!!!!, (literally!!)

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