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Blowing the cobwebs away: Canal Rocks

Late last year, I went down south to Yallingup to think. Obviously, I can think here too, at home, but I wanted a new view. My beautiful husband had just died but I hadn't really been able to process this fact. I needed some wind to blow the cobwebs away. So I visited Canal Rocks and was amazed that I had never been there before.

This begs the question; why do people who live on the brink of incredible tourist attractions, like Canal Rocks, never go there? It seems to me that we have become extremely insular; all of our so-called fun comes from within our houses via all of our various media devices.

My own excuses included:

It's too cold

It's too hot

I'm too clumsy to negotiate those rocks

What if a giant wave suddenly sweeps me off those same rocks?

What if I lose my balance on the bridge and a random shark collides with me after I've already fallen into the ocean?

It's too high

It might be raining

How will I cope without Netflix?

It's way too windy!

If I were a crow, it would only take me about an hour to fly to Canal Rocks from where I live here in Paradise. So why don't I go there more often? How is it that this wind-blown-and-swept place isn't a constant place of refuge for me?

As I stood on those rocks, I let the firm ground hug me and the wind blow the cobwebs in my mind away and I felt, for the first time since he died, my husband Anthony's presence within me, like a wide smile.

Canal Rocks directions: Go to the west end of Canal Rocks Road in Yallingup, park your car, get out of your car (leaving all of your mobile devices behind), and walk onto the rocks.

Then, once you have your balance, wait for the wind to sweep all of the cobwebs away.

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