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Boston Brewing co. Denmark

Hi everyone! Feels like it’s been a while. I’ve been wanting to do a Denmark blog for a while. I absolutely love it there but haven’t had enough time to enjoy it properly recently.

So this morning we headed off to Denmark for lunch. Stopping off at Kwoorabup Community Adventure Park first off. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it, kids or not. Its beautiful, at the end of a gorgeous walk across the river from Denmark town. It is a Nature Playground. I have actually never been there before today, despite it having been created in 2012. I have of course heard of it. I heard it has grown and improved a great deal since its original incarnation too. My kids had a ball, and that is saying a lot because until today my toddler has had a strange and I think irrational hatred of playgrounds. This is hardly your run of the mill playground though. Being constructed of rocks, logs, bridges, climbing trees, mountains, it’s a perfect adventure.

Anyway, so once the children were rounded up, off we went down the road to Boston Brewing co., one of my favourite places, and definitely my son’s favourite place. For different reasons.

My 10 year old would live at Boston’s playground if he could. Every time we ask where he would like to go out to eat he suggests Boston Brewery, sadly for him we don’t often make the trip to Denmark from Albany for a quick meal.

My reasons are as you may have guessed centered more around the food and drink aspect. I know you can buy Boston’s amazing Tingletop Ginger Beer in Albany but I swear it just tastes better in its birthplace. Ooh and how perfect is it with a good squeeze of lime, some ice, and if you are really lucky, a splash of rum. Yum. I should add, Boston has an amazing array of craft beers to try, and they look as good as they surely taste on the beautiful tasting paddle boards. But Tingletop will always be my favourite.

So off my son goes to enjoy this incredible playground. It is a great place for parents to be able to kick back and relax and the kids to more or less run free and not be in anyone’s way. The play area is huge and has a range of equipment, and there is plenty of room for both kids and doggos to run free, against the beautiful backdrop of the vineyard. Boston was established in 2011, making it one of the first breweries in the Great Southern Region. You can now also enjoy a new Boston venue closer to the city also, situated in Victoria Park. Boston is located on the grounds of Willoughby Park Winery, formerly West Cape Howe winery, established in 2000. Hence the beautiful vineyard you look out upon whilst enjoying the vast outdoor area at Boston.

So, once indoors the vastness continues, but do not be fooled into thinking this makes for an empty space. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this place quiet. We got there relatively early for lunch today and it was already starting to pick up. To one side you have a brilliant viewing area of the brewery, with a bar right in front, perfect. And to the other side you have the giant kitchen, full of busy worker bees. You can kick back in comfort drinking beautiful brews and watch these geniuses create the most delicious meals for you, not least of all the pizzas, baked in the most beautiful, giant pizza oven I have ever seen. Other than the heat, I would love to get stuck into making those beautiful wood fired pizzas. It looks like such fun, and such an art.

But no pizza today, although it was a tough choice. The mushroom and blue cheese pizza was a strong contender. Not to mention the Pork Belly Bites, Chicken Pate, and Duo of Sorbet – Strawberry and Lemon Sorbet, meringue and fresh strawberries. But it was won out by the Boston Brisket Roll, a beautiful and generous big brioche roll, stuffed full with slow cooked beef brisket, barbeque sauce, red onion, aioli, cabbage chiffonade, and American cheddar, all served with the perfect Boston Chips and Aioli. Oooh it was so delicious, I actually could have eaten that cabbage mix all by itself. The perfect Denmark lunch. And the kids fish and chips, and nuggets and chips didn’t look (or taste) too shabby either! Hey, if the kid leaves the table for the playground its fair game right? Ha-ha.

In all seriousness though, this is just my limited experience with Boston Brewing co. I highly recommend you find them on Facebook at the very least, you will find they also have a strong music scene with local musicians regularly performing on site. But my best advice – go check it out in person! You will not regret it.

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