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Corners Keeping the King at Bay

An inviting frontage.

Lisa and I have been going to Corners on King for years. It is also a very popular venue with our circle of friends, so when we all meet up for lunch, brunch or breakfast, it is usually our first choice. I wrote a blog a year or so ago—, and have continued to be a regular customer. I was delighted to hear that the owners of this awesome establishment have opened a new eatery down at the Marlston Water Front, (where Casella’s used to be). It is aptly named Corners On The Bay. Well, it was Claytons day, and I needed a good feed to set me up for my first night-shift. It was a perfect excuse to give it a try.

Same great coffee.

We managed to get parked up outside the Dome, so it was only a short stroll to the restaurant. As far as location goes, it really doesn’t get much better than this does it? Overlooking the little beach and Koombana Bay further along, it really is the perfect setting. The alfresco area is huge.

Can't wait for the summer!

Unfortunately, the rain clouds were equally as large, so not wanting to get a drenching we opted to sit inside. The place was doing a roaring trade. I am guessing the large patronage was partly due to it being school holidays, and partly, like myself, people were curious to see what had been done to the place.

The old saying if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it resonates here. As you walk in, you may well think that you had been transported over to the East Bunbury place. The décor is pretty much the same albeit on a larger scale. One is still enticed by the huge amount of cakes and pastries on display, and that is even before you have cast your eyes over a menu. One big difference is the large open view to the kitchen area. I am always buoyed to see this in a restaurant. For me it displays confidence. It says to me “come…. come and look how we create your meal). If I was a chef here I’d learn to juggle and all sorts; if the worlds watching, then why wouldn’t you want to show off a bit!

Time for some theatrics :-)

We were greeted immediately by a smiling member of staff. She informed us that there were no available tables but did have a couple of spaces at the counter type bar by the window overlooking the bay. We graciously accepted. I went and ordered some coffees that we intended to sip on whilst we perused the menu. By the time I got back with the coffees, the same smiling staff member had found us a table. Given how busy it was, I was really impressed with this personal touch. The skinny Latte and long black coffees were of the usual high standard, right down the barista trickery on the froth!

There was an impressive specials board on display as well as all the usual “Corners” favourites on the menu. I choose the Crown Breakfast—like an old mate, it never disappoints. Lisa—always on the lookout for something Á La difference— chose the Wild Mushroom Scramble. I don’t ever remember seeing this on the menu at King, so I am assuming this is something new?

I am going to make another mention about the service. After I ordered the food, I mentioned to Lisa that I would not be surprised if we had a long wait to be served seeing as how busy it was. I was proved wrong on this point. It certainly was no longer than fifteen minutes. They certainly know how to run a restaurant!

I loved their choice of crockery. The plates were massive, it was like being on the set of Valley of the Giants! The food portions were generous too, certainly no complaints on the value front. The Crown Brekky was up to it’s usual good standard. All the breakfast participants were there. The pork chipolata took centre stage. The eggs were cooked to perfection. A lovely runny yolk with not a hint of “snot.” A nice handful of button mushrooms, good lean bacon, a grilled tomato, some wilted spinach for that healthy touch, a hash brown, some delicious buttery sour dough bread and all brought together with a punchy relish. If I was going to have one small gripe, it would have been nice to see a “home-cooked” hash brown, which from memory is served at the other Corners restaurant. I am thinking that maybe the crowds took them by surprise and they had to dash out for a few bags of McCains! Love it that they still provide my HP Sauce.

Lisa’s Wild Mushroom Scramble was an intriguing looking dish. It consisted of a about a four-inch stack of wild mushrooms beautifully fused together with some creamy scrambled egg. Some nice peppery rocket topped it off. It was served with some more of that sour dough, a generous dusting of dukkah, pesto and some sliced fresh chilli for a bit of punch. There was a slight discrepancy with the menu description as it promised a pumpkin pesto and a standard pesto was served. Again, did the crowd catch them out I wonder?

I reckon the “Corners” crowd are going to love this new venture. It has all the great service, all the awesome food of their original venue with the added bonus of a sea view. I think it’s a real clever move opening here. It’s such a vibrant area, even more so since the improvements have been made to the Koombana bay area. Corners on The Bay is a fantastic family establishment and will be a great addition to the Marlston water front. The new apartment complex which is being built now will, I am sure, add to its customer list.

Future customers await.

I can’t wait to visit again in the height of summer when we can take full advantage of that huge outside seating area. I was also delighted to see that Corners on The Bay—like their sister restaurant— are dog friendly. The dog bowls in the alfresco area did not go unnoticed. Well done to them for this.

Give it a go folks, if you love Corners on King, you’ll love Corners On the Bay. I’d Love to see Corners On Dalyellup one day too.

Love their cakes...always so much choice.

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