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Curry at Joe's a winner!!

I had the pleasure of visiting Joe’s curry house, #Joescurryhouse last night. It was my son’s 16th birthday and when asked what he wanted for dinner he did not hesitate to answer, “I really fancy a curry” was the hearty response.

With new Indian restaurants opening up all over Bunbury, I thought it was high time to give Joe’s a try. I have heard good things about it and coming from England, I like to think I know my way round an Indian menu.

We arrived for or reservation at 6:30PM. The first thing that hit me was how busy the place was. It was a Tuesday night, but the restaurant was buzzing, I would say about 80% full. Now if there is one thing you want to see when you try a new eatery for the first time, are lots of bums on seats, the old saying “a million lemmings can’t be wrong” springs to mind!!Armed with our own BYO bottle of red wine, we were shown to our table which was on the veranda area adjacent to the street. I was thinking, hope it’s not too cold, I haven’t bought a jacket! But the evening was warm, so all good. I would like to think that if it was a bit chilly, they would not have seated us there.

I really liked the decor of the place. It reminded me of the older style Indian restaurants before all modern and contempary became a thing! There were the obligatory Hindu art adorning some of the walls and the paint job took me to India right away. Sitting on the veranda with a slight warm breeze blowing made me feel like I was on Holiday!!

The menu was fairly extensive with all the old favourites and a few signature dishes. There were lots of side dishes and a good choice of entrees. This was starting to look promising.

We were given some complimentary pappadums while we perused the menu. Once we had chosen our meals, the waitress obviously picked up on the menu down cue and came to take order immediately. A big tick for that. The entrees were bought up within 15 minutes of ordering. We opted for Onion Bhaji’s, #onionbhaji and vegetable samousa’s. Oh Lordy!! Ten out of ten for both. I was expecting the usual “out of the box”samousas, but boy was I wrong. These pyramids of delight were home made, and packed with filling and flavour. The pastry melted in the mouth. They were served with a tangy tamarind sauce. Perfection! The Bhaji’s were equally as good. They were beautifully crisp on the outside and all soft and gooey on the inside. They packed a bit of punch on the chilli front to!! My younger 14 year old son was a bit shocked by that, but hey hell, he ain’t writing this blog!!

Once we had totally destroyed our entrees. The mains arrived fairly quickly too. Youngest son had a Chicken Korma. He is an absolute authority o this curry and has eaten them all over the world. He said it was not the best he had, (that was in a small Indian Restaurant on the Gold Coast), but he said it was really good none the less. I tried his sauce and it was a good Korma as far as I am concerned. My wife opted for Chicken Saag. This is a spinach based curry. She enjoyed it but said a bit more sauce would have been nice, and possibly a bit more heat, the vibrant green of the dish made for attractive presentation. The birthday boy went for good old Butter chicken. He reported that it was awesome, one of the best he had had. We all tried a bit and concurred, it was delicious. Just creamy enough for it not to be sickly packed with spicy goodness, and just a hint of heat. Finally, I went for the traditional British favourite Chicken Tikka Masala. #chickentikkamassala To be honest, it was a bit of a different take on what I am used to. The sauce was delicious and seemed to build flavour the more I ate, but I prefer a slightly creamier sauce. The chicken had a beautiful smoky flavour to it which I really liked. I am guessing it was cooked in the Tandoor as tradition requires. Everything was mopped up with various incarnations of Naan bread. We had a couple of plain ones, a Keema naan, (my particular favourite) which is spiced mincemeat within the bread. My youngest had garlic and cheese Naan, which he said was absolutely exquisite!! All in all, I enjoyed it. The rice we ordered was cooked to absolute perfection, t was not a sticky grain in sight, this really added to the overall enjoyment of this meal. I have to mention the Mango Chutney too; I am going out on a limb here and saying that this was also homemade. It was fruity, sharp, and made the pappadums sing!!

A great atmosphere, above average food, and excellent service!! A resounding 8 out of ten


Perfect rice and very good curry

Naan bread the traditional way.

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