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Dalyellup..Whats that then??

As my blogging journey continues, I thought it would be mighty rude not to write a few things about the place where I live. If you live in Bunbury or the South West, you will know Dalyellup,#Dalyellup but for those of you further afield, (this blog goes all over the world!!), I will enlighten you.

Dalyellup is a suburb just south of Bunbury,#Bunbury off the Bussel Highway. It started as a small community in 1999 after Satterley Property Group acquired the land. Since then it has grown to a thriving town with a population of over 9000.

I moved to Dalyellup with my family in 2007. When we first drove into the estate back then, the road off the Bussel Highway, Norton Promenade was lined with trees all the way down to the roundabout and ornamental fountain that used to mark the beginning of the estate. It is a very different story now as a town centre has now been developed to much celebration from the majority of the local residents. Prior to the center being opened, we had to go into Bunbury for our shopping, restaurants, and take aways etc. Look out for future blogs on the many food outlets on offer here!! We now have a really great choice, from good old Aussie fish and chips, authentic Chinese food, Pizza, our very own coffee shop/cafe and of course good old Maccas. Nobody goes hungry that's for sure. There is also a Woolworths, Bakers delight, a chemist and much much more. It is so convenient, I would love to know the collective money saved by the residents over the last couple of years by not having to travel to do a weekly shop.

Anyway, enough of the foodie things..what else has this place that you are talking up so much got to offer I hear you cry!! The simple answer is Much!! Although the estate is growing every year, there are still plenty of open spaces, including a heap of parks for children. There is a beautiful lake, (awesome for dog walks), #dogwalking, as well as many pretty wooded walks. I won't try and lie to you, a lot of forest was destroyed when the estate was built, but a fair bit has been retained. Ho Hum...that's progress I guess!! I think the property developers have done a good job and developed an estate that most of the residents are proud to call home.

The standout thing for me is the miles and miles of beach that Dalyellupians, (wow, I've just made up a new word), enjoy. The beaches are absolutely pristine. Some can be accessed by four wheel drive vehicles so there is always the option to drive further west along the beach towards Busselton and find a secluded spot all to yourselves. To be perfectly honest, you don't really need to venture that far for peace and quiet, most of the time the beaches are virtually empty, a fact that still amazes me and you will see frequently referenced in my blogs!! Some parts of the beach are off leash areas for dogs, which my Greyhound, #Greyhound and Spoodle, #Spoodle are very thankful of. It is always great walking down there and meeting other dog walkers and their pooches, sometimes we can be down there for hours just chewing the fat.

Another thing that is just accepted by Aussies, but still unusual to me is all the public BBQ's that are in most of the open areas and parks dotted around Dalyellup. For the uninitiated, (Poms mostly!!) You just grab your burgers, sausages, steaks, marinated tofu, (for the vegans) and whatever else you can find in your fridge and hightail it down to one of the aforementioned barbecues and have your dinner in the open air. Again, the non Aussies among us will be thinking right now "Ok whats the catch?...probably expensive!!" Well oh cynical ones, it doesn't cost you a really, I'm serious!! All these things I now take for granted, but still inwardly smile to myself.

Dalyellup, come visit us, it's a great place to live and play, and it's got it all. Apart from a brothel....It doesn't have one of those!! At least I don't think so.

One of the many play areas

Oh damn...the beach is packed again, come on kids, were going home!! #Dalyellupbeach

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