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Dardanup Delights

Every Friday is #Curry day at the #Dardanup General Store. Yes, I know - it's the last place that you would expect to find authentic #Indian cuisine but it's true and I, for one, am absolutely delighted.

My son, Ming, made this amazing discovery one Friday when he brought home the most delicious #ButterChicken and #LambRogan I have ever tasted.

"Where on earth did you get this from?" I asked through a mouthful of both, yes both, meals.

"The Dardanup shop," he said through an even larger mouthful. It's hard to adhere to good table manners when you have heaven on a plate in front of you (yes, I did get plates out).

I couldn't believe it! Just down the road! Dardanup! Indian curry! Extraordinary!

Amar, Naresh, and their families, came to Australia nine years ago but it was only last year that we Dardanupites were lucky enough to welcome them into our midst. They come from a large city in the south of #India called #Hyderabad and eating their curries is akin to being transported to this exotic city.

I just wish I had waited until the end of this post before inserting the photos because it's only Wednesday and I have to wait two more days for Curry day and I can feel a dreadful craving coming on.

Bunbury boasts a few Indian restaurants now and they are all good but the Dardanup General Store Friday Curry Restaurant is special. In fact, it is so popular that I strongly suggest ordering ahead or you might miss out, especially if you are coming from #Bunbury. There is seating out the front of the shop and across the road in a little garden area if you can't wait to get home to devour.

Recently, I decided to introduce a little more #routine into my rather unscheduled life so I made some daily to-do lists. So far I have stuck to a fairly regular routine and it feels great to be more organised:

Friday: Get curry from Dardanup shop.

Saturday: Get more curry from Dardanup shop if all eaten.

Sunday: Eat curry from Dardanup shop if any leftover.

Monday: Google various Indian curry recipes.

Tuesday: Buy ingredients for Indian curry.

Wednesday: Try out one of the recipes.

Thursday: Don't despair about the horrible result from yesterday's attempt at making curry.

Friday: Get curry from Dardanup shop.

And so on.

There are many reasons that people look forward to Fridays but this is mine: #Fridaycurryday!

Thank you, Amar, Naresh, and families, for bringing a taste of Hyderabad to Dardanup!

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