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Drip Lock Doughnuts

Is there any three words that spark happiness in an Albany locals heart more than Drip Lock Doughnuts? I remember when Amy and Tim started out in 2017 and were a delicious little secret, popping up at markets and events like local Roller Derby games with their purely heavenly donut treats.

Drip Lock has been through a few evolutions in the past few years, from locations, to special coffee partners, to Amy’s inspiring health struggles.

These days you will find Drip Lock Doughnuts in a literal hole in the wall at The Old Auction Room in the heart of town, square in the middle of York Street, Stirling Terrace, Peels Place and Spencer Street. You can make a nice morning of it actually, the The Old Auction Room is a treasure trove of goodies to be discovered, antiques, furniture, plants, jewellery and a whole lot more. To the right of The Old Auction Room entrance you will find Nooka Coffee, an institution in itself and a perfect pairing for a Drip Lock Doughnut or three. They do also offer their own little tasty treats also, you can really load up down there.

So, Drip Lock, their little hole in the wall is to the left of The Old Auction Room entrance. You can preorder during the week - highly recommended due to their popularity. Just keep an eye on the Drip Lock Doughnuts Facebook page for updates on when and where to order their ever changing and unique donut creations. Seriously, these things are art! There are generally around 3 artisan brioche doughnuts to order from, and regularly surprises at the location to add to your box when you collect your goodies on Saturday morning.

On offer today Drip Lock had pre orders for White Chocolate, Coconut and Lemon Butter doughnuts, Vanilla Creme Anglaise loaded, Cinnamon Sugar dusted Brioche Doughnuts and Nutella Ganache coated, crunchy, salty, candied hazelnut topped doughnuts. And at the window? Classic Chocolate Iced, Sprinkle topped doughnuts and the piece de resistance - The Wagon Wheel, a gorgeous brioche doughnut, topped with Belgian chocolate glaze, crunchy biscuit crumbs, filled with homemade raspberry jam and ...... topped with an incredible giant marshmallow which the Drip Lock geniuses will torch for you right as you collect it. Heaven.

The smell was phenomenal. The queue which started from at least 10 minutes before opening at 10:30 was unsurprising. Anyone who has seen or tasted a Drip Lock creation will line up in rain, hail or shine for as long as it takes to get their hands, and mouths on these goodies. I highly recommend you do too!

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