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From tree view to sea view

Every now and then I get a little tired of my #view of trees, paddocks, and cattle, and long to be transported to an exotic location with an #ocean view, a superior #restaurant and a luxurious suite. Hawaii maybe? No that's too far away and too expensive. Byron Bay? Closer, yes, and I've always wanted to go there but....

A couple of years ago, my itchy feet got the better of me and I decided to #travel. I would leave the trees and paddocks behind in search of a pristine #beachresort. I craved a private balcony with an ocean view from which I would venture into the gentle waves and frolic (or else imagine myself doing so); I craved a restaurant that served amazing wine as well as gourmet food; I craved a modern suite - the size of my tiny, old farmhouse - with a huge bed and a huge television; I craved the #service of kindly strangers with welcoming smiles, who would sincerely be interested in my stories of where I had come from; I craved privacy, Wifi that didn't cut out every few hours, and phone reception that didn't require me to go outside for a signal.

Don't get me wrong; I love where I live but I often feel an almost visceral need for a #sea change. And the idea of #travelling to a totally different environment makes my heart pitter-patter with excitement.

So when, after weeks of scouring the internet in search of the #perfectplace, I found it, I booked my trip immediately. "I'm going on a trip," I told my friends and family. They were delighted, not to see the back of me necessarily, but because it had been so many years since I'd travelled. "It will do you the world of good," they said.

It was so much fun packing for my #holiday! I hadn't done anything remotely beachy for years so I went shopping for bathers, a beach towel, tanning lotion, sunscreen, a hat, a beach umbrella, sandals, sunglasses, shorts, a kaftan, and finally I was ready.

I left my son with a list of chores, cleaned the house and answered all my emails and, when the day of departure arrived, I set off with an uncluttered mind and a sense of wonderful #freedom. I knew that I would probably be a little bit homesick so I took with me photos of my son and the dogs and waved goodbye.

The journey was amazing. Gradually the trees and paddocks faded away and, after what seemed like an eternity (such was my excitement to get there), the ocean came into view and I arrived at my destination: #BunburySeaviewApartments.

Everything was just as I had hoped it would be. The restaurant at the entrance, #Ocean205Café, served me the most delicious roast pork lunch (with crackling!) and I sipped wine as I waited for my room to be ready. Sensing my happy impatience, the staff, who had already greeted me like a long-lost friend even though it was my first visit, allowed me early access to my suite and by 1.30pm I was blissfully sitting on my balcony watching the waves roll in and breathing in the salty air.

From that very first moment, the sensation of being in a #wholenewworld was remarkable. I realised that I should do this more often. Even though I had just arrived, I wanted to book another holiday at Seaview immediately. Looking in the mirror of the gorgeous bathroom, I saw with surprise that all of my day-to-day worry lines had miraculously disappeared. Astonishing!

I rang my son to say I had arrived safely and he assured me that he would take good care of things while I was away. Then I took the restaurant menu and sprawled on my huge bed to choose from the vast array of #culinarytemptations ... a little later I woke from a deep but refreshing accidental nap, got up and changed into my new bathers. Time for a swim in the ocean. It had been twenty years since I had done that.

Bunbury Seaview Apartments was awarded a Recognition of Excellence by HotelsCombined and a Certificate of Excellence by #tripadvisor last year. Well deserved, I say. Not only that; it is also a place that hosts various free information sessions and is available for conferences.

For me, Seaview has become my go-to place whenever I want or need a break from my normal life; it is a place so far removed from where I live that it is like being in a tantalising #paralleluniverse. I love it!

And the best thing for me? It's only a ten-minute drive from home.

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