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Gnomesville in The Ferguson Valley | Wellington Mill Bunbury WA

When you visit #southwest of WA it's not something that can be skipped off your list. We tried it didn't work. Gnomesville is situated in wellington Mill which is around 35 kms from Bunbury and takes around 30-40 mins with the car.

Gnomesville in The Ferguson Valley | Wellington Mill WA
A Normal heard us talking about skipping his Town.

According to Gnomes population is growing at alarming rate and currently there are 7000+ residents.

We think they soon going to need some police patrols, #parties are just getting out of control there.


We have read a few stories about how this little town emerge. Very fascinating history is described by here is the caption of it.

There are remarkably few people who know exactly how Gnomesville appeared; however, there are several different stories. Some people believe that a random gnome appeared, and other people placed their gnomes so the original one would not be lonely.
Another story is that the local workmen created a cricket scene with gnomes in the middle of the roundabout for fun!

When you decide to go to this beautiful little town, there is plenty to catch your attention on the way. Its around 35 kms from Bunbury and #FergusonValley is your way to get to this town and the route is just beautiful.

Believe me none of these photos or videos are edited. Images are taken by Mandy Brar Not overrating but he is a pro freelancer from Perth in photography.

Gnomesville in The Ferguson Valley | Wellington Mill WA
Ferguson Valley

As you go through this magical valley of Ferguson, you might wanna stop at

Moody Cow Brewery. Its a great place to grab a lunch, have a beer and relax for a while.

Continue your journey and you will see a few sceneries that looks like this image book I putted somewhere..ahha ya its down here.


This beautiful town of Gnomes is way more beautiful and its almost impossible to capture the beauty of it in your camera.

Before they kick me from the type writer here. Let me tell you something, No matter what you do just don't miss this bus there.

Gnomesville in The Ferguson Valley | Wellington Mill WA
Gnomesville school bus


Also, If you need a lift to get there don't hesitate to contact us and we can arrange you economy or business class rides to experience this amazing town. contact us.

If you visiting Gnomesville please enjoy your visit responsibly and do not damage any of the gnomes.


Town Around Blog 2018 | Content Copyright | Images - Mandy brar | Mentions - Moody cow brewery | Gnomesville Official website

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