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Hide away in Nannup!!

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

All roads lead to Nannup!!

With my never ending quest to highlight all our wonderful rural towns around the South West, I decided to go on a one day road trip. Accompanied by my wife we set off from Bunbury at eight thirty in the morning and headed for Nannup. Our plan was to visit Nannup, Donnelly River Village (for a coffee), Bridgetown, Greenbushes and Balingup. I’ll be writing a few pieces over the coming weeks on how our day went, but for today, I am going to dedicate this whole blog to Nannup, and specifically a delightful unique accommodation that I had heard about but needed to see for myself.

It took less than an hour to get to Nannup from my home in Dalyellup. Once you get off the Bussel Highway, it’s a real country experience – a pretty little drive!! Being so close, I found myself asking why I have not visited Nannup more often. The last time I was there was about 10 years ago!! The town has got so much history. Being quite early in the morning when we arrived, things were fairly quiet. We drove down the high street and took in the relaxed atmosphere. We were drawn to a curious little shop, which was unfortunately closed, but in all honesty, have you ever seen a better use for old pairs of jeans…this is inspired!!

How cool is this!!

We spent about an hour taking photos of various points of interest. I remembered the statue of the Nannup tiger on my last visit all those years ago, looks like it now has a giant red back for company.

Our big mistake was getting here too early as a lot of places were not open, with that in mind, we promised to return soon at a better time of the day.

We headed of along the Nannup-Balingup road. I had heard great things about Nannup Hideaway Spa cottages and Retreats. We are always on the lookout for different places to stay around the South West. I have never been one for camping, (digging a hole to go to the toilet in!! Nah, not my cup of tea!!) We prefer to source out accommodation that is a bit different (see my blog on Henty Lodge in the Fergy Valley). Ten minutes out of Nannup we took a Left turn onto Agg road and followed the signs for the retreat. The gravel road was caressed by forest on both sides. We found ourselves going higher and higher. The road is not steep, but just goes up at a nice gentle angle. As we got higher, we were teased by quick glimpses through the trees of a view that we knew was going to be breath-taking. Up and up we went following the signs that clearly directed us to our destination.

As we pulled up at the huge house that is only part of the Nannup Hideaway estate, the first thing that hits you like a sensory love slap is the stunning view. Rolling hills of every green on the spectrum which changed shades as the clouds danced in front of the sun. I can only imagine the joy of waking up to that view every morning. A large dam finished the scene, (wonder if there is any marron in there??).

As I climbed out of my car, the visual feast was accompanied by an audial one. The buzzing of bees seeking out the blossom from the many fruit trees on the property, was overlapped by the gentle bubbling song of the magpies. It was like nature’s very own wind chimes!! Before we had even set foot inside the house, the air of tranquillity fell over us that sounds like a cliché, but believe me, it was intoxicating!

We were met at the door by Leisa the owner. As you walk into the house, again, one is immediately captured by a feeling of peace.

The accommodation on offer is as diverse as it is beautiful. There are two double rooms within the house itself.

Both rooms have a real feeling of refined comfort. From there we were shown out on to the elevated decking area. BAM!! There is that view again!

I could have sat there all day with a bottle of good red wine and pondered life looking at that scenery. There are two more huge self-contained rooms that open directly onto this decked area. One of the rooms is perfect if you or any of your party have a disability. There is wheel chair access and the bathroom is a big open wet room. Once again, the accommodation has refined luxury at every turn. Big beds, flat screen TV’s and I happened to notice a sound system in each room too!!

Leisa then pointed towards the dam and explained that there was even more accommodation. Two cottages; one sleeps two and one sleeps four. So off we went!! A short walk around the banks of the sparkling dam and we found ourselves outside the aforementioned cottages. As we looked down the small gravel path, a kangaroo and it’s joey regarded us from a distance. This added to the magic of it all. These beautifully appointed cottages are perfect for couples and families. Leisa also explained that they were ideal for a weekend away with the girls or lads.

And Relax!!!!!!!

The crowning glory is that each cottage has a relaxing spa on its deck. What could be more soul soothing than laying in the bubbling water of a spa, sipping a glass of something equally as bubbly and taking in the sights and sounds of the surrounding nature?

Bubbles anyone??

So, is it just about the accommodation? No, it certainly is not. This unique retreat offers so much more. There is a Yoga room, yoga can be organised upon request. A range of spa treatments and massages can also be arranged without any bother. Let yourself be spoilt by one of the pampering weekends that are on offer. Cheese platters, bottles of bubbly and breakfasts are just a few of the many indulgences that Nannup Hideaway can provide. It was clear to us from the conversations we had with Leisa, being spoilt is a big part of staying here.

Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreats prides itself on the diversity it offers and can cater for Wedding parties, anniversaries, family get togethers, cycling groups and so much more!! Up to sixteen guests can be accommodated in this tranquil haven. I belong to a writers group, and can think of no other place as perfect as this for a writers retreat weekend…inspiration and creativity go hand in hand with a place like this.

A stunning hideaway!!

As we left, my wife and I promised ourselves that we would be returning very soon to indulge ourselves for a weekend.

Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreats.#NannupSpaCottagesandRetreats Hidden luxury!

Go on, spoil yourselves, you deserve it!

Check out the web site for more information

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