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Lunch at King fit for a King, (plus cakes!!)

An old favorite of ours!!

Different specials for different days!!
Corners on King specials board

I am loving the buzz of Austral Parade at the moment. This small area of Bunbury, #Bunbury is really taking off. So many places to eat and drink all within around 100 meters of each other.

I’ve always liked East Bunbury. I have walked along the foreshore there many times with the dogs and dreamt about buying one of the beautiful old houses that front the estuary.

My wife and I are regular visitors to the eateries that have sprung up. A firm favourite with us is Corners on King. #Cornersonking We have probably eaten here at least a dozen times and have also popped in just to have a cup of their amazing coffee. It’s a great place to catch up with friends too. The layout of the restaurant allows you to have an intimate lunch for two with little nooks that you can have a bit of privacy, and at the other end of the scale, they have some nice long tables to cater for large groups. There is always a really good vibe about the place.

We had lunch there last week and as is usual with corners, we were not disappointed. Actually, I tell a lie, We were disappointed with ourselves that we did not have the damn willpower to resist buying some of their delicious cakes as we left!! I’ll tell you a bit about them in a minute or two!

That Crownie had my name on it!!

So, lunch it was. We were greeted straight away upon entry by a smiling member of staff and shown to our table. There was three of us today. Accompanying me was my wife and teenage son, (our other son was at a sleepover…instant financial saving!!).

A large bottle of water was delivered and we were handed our menus. Being old regulars we knew our way around it and quickly glanced over it to see what tickled our fancies.

“I’m going to have a look at the specials board” My wife Lisa announced, then got up to investigate. She came back and reported what was on offer. I was immediately drawn to the “Aussie Breakfast” My son went for the “Chicken Schnitzel Sanga” Lisa opted for the Haloumi Salad, (she does like Haloumi….see St Aidan Blog!!). Being the gracious blogger I am, I offered to go up and order the food and coffees. To be perfectly honest, I wanted to have a drool over the cakes that are so unfairly displayed by the till to tempt and excite you!! I was served immediately, 3 meals and coffees came to around eighty bucks.

So, were the specials indeed special? A resounding yes!

Very special specials!!

The Aussie breakfast, #aussiebreakfast was a nice surprise I have to say. Two large slices of Rye toast, (I love rye bread!) A huge pile of scrambled eggs. A nice amount of champignon mushrooms tossed in a bit of butter, Yum!! The main event for me was the spicy chorizo. It had a real zing to it, this was a nice change to the usual “Big Breakfasts” that seem to be the norm these days. A micro salad was thrown in for good measure. I finished my plate feeling pleasantly full and my tongue singing a spicy shanty in my mouth.

Just Yum!!

Lisa’s Haloumi salad was another winner. This was all about colour and texture. The chef mastered the balance perfectly. Nice precise fingers of grilled haloumi, generous slices of avocado, asparagus, leafy salad, tomatoes and a good handful of pine nuts, all brought together to the party with a nice dressing. A good sized lunch with not too much guilt…not yet anyway!!


Teenage son is a huge fan of the good old chicken Parmy, #Chickenparmy It’s his “go to” comfort food. So his choice of the Schnitzel Sanga was a surprise. I have to admit, when it came up I was a bit envious. It looked delicious, and even though I was denied a sample bite, (Teenagers ay!!) He assured me it was great. The chicken looked tender on the inside, crisp on the outside. The bun was big, fresh and some seeds thrown in. A good handful of chunky hot chips were served as a side dish and a piquant Mary Rose sauce for dipping. (I was allowed a chip, how generous of him.).

Food Envy!!

All our meals were washed down with our coffees of choice. We all agreed that after all the years we have been coming to Corners on King, we still have not had a bad meal there. I love their consistently great food.

So, you would think that would be the end of the blog. Unfortunately for my waistline, this is not the case. As we moved towards the exit, there were those tools of enticement. Cheesecakes, Caramel slices, Gateaux’s, protein balls, date slices, the list just goes on and on. We all stood there, faces nearly touching the glass, looking like a load of kids in a Charles Dickens novel peering into the bakers window. Resistance was futile, it was cakes to take home. The suggestion was met with eager nods all round.

I chose straight away!! To be perfectly honest, I had chosen earlier when I ordered our meals. For me it was a huge caramel slice lovingly called a “Crownie” A huge slap of chocolate, #chocolate sitting on thick sweet caramel, sitting on a dense biscuit base. With a pinch of genius in the form of a small sprinkle of sea salt sat on top looking like a diamond waiting to be dug out. This was decadent, sweet, salty, and just simply divine!

Nom!! Nom!! Nom!!!!

Teenage son opted for a Mint choc gateaux. I did get to try this. Not something I would normally eat, but he loved it. The cake was moist, the mint worked well with the chocolate, neither overpowered the other, but engaged in a subtle dance of flavour. Lovely.

Sublime. (Sorry about pic, we crushed it in the box!!)

Lisa, after much deliberation and procrastination plumped for one of her old favourites, good old fashioned carrot cake. #carrotcake Again, this cake was lovely and moist. A delicious creamy butter icing on top, that was not over sweet like some shop bought cakes are sometimes. To add some crunch and texture, a good handful of walnuts and pumpkin seeds were scattered on top looking like a winter walk in the woods!!

Carrot cake does not get any better than this!!

Beware!!! The cakes shout out to you, there is no hope once you start looking.

Corners on King, an old favourite with us and never disappoints. Give it a go, you’ll be glad you did. Mother's day soon!!

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