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Not tonight Josephine……I’m going to Yours Or Mine.

Impressive art work!

Many of you—I’m sure—would have at some point eaten at Josephine’s in Bunbury. For many years it was part of the Bunno restaurant landscape. Well, call it what you will, progress, culture change etc. but Josephine’s is no more. However, the news isn’t all bad. I am delighted to say, that the popular eatery “Yours or Mine” has moved from it’s rather small premises in Victoria Street to the huge one in Symmons Street. I recently had the pleasure of trying out the new location. To coin a popular phrase. Yours or Mine……”I love what you have done with the place!”

We booked a table for four. They offered us either a six or eight o’clock booking which we all remarked was a bit unusual as the norm is generally seven or nine, but hey ho, I am not gonna knock anyone for trying something different. We opted for the six o’clock sitting.

Awesome bar

On arrival, the place was fairly quiet. The first thing that hits you is the décor. The huge wall mural is eye-catching and gave the impression of a fun contemporary venue. The floor of the restaurant is a very rough polished concrete, but really works. It gives the place a real warehousy feel. The bar is located at the front of the restaurant. I love walking into a venue and see bar staff plying their skills on the cocktail shakers. First impressions count and the four of us were impressed straight off the bat. new favourite tipple

A quick flick through the drinks menu was encouraging. There was a comprehensive wine list available by the glass and bottle. There was also a good list of cocktails. My eye was instantly drawn to one called ‘Peruvian Kick” Lisa and I had recently discovered a Peruvian Liquor called Pisco, and sure enough, this was the base for this cocktail. It certainly packed a punch! A good hit of ginger gave it some fire, the Pisco provided the sour dryness. A good start to the night.

We were shown to our table and started to scan the menu. By now, the place was filling up fast. I liked the fact that there was background music, but it wasn’t belting out at a million decibels, so conversation was easy.

I ate at Yours or Mine a few years ago. Back then the place and menu had a distinct Tex Mex feel. They have now gone more South American. There were such offerings as Coxinha, (Brazilian Croquettes), a Peruvian style ceviche, and Proveleta, (an Argentinian dish).

I opted for the Coxinha for entrée and the Black Angus strip loin from their “Wood Fired Grill” menu. Lisa chose Anticucho Squid and went for the Portobello Salsado, (a mushroom inspired dish). Our friends went for the Grilled Chorizo, Crispy Pork Belly, and the YOM Cheeseburger.

Whist we waited for our entrees, I went for another cocktail, (well it was Saturday night…don’t judge me!). keeping with the Pisco theme, I went for a Pisco sour. I think I preferred this to the first cocktail…and it was three bucks cheaper.


The entrées took about twenty minutes to arrive, but by this time the place was getting full. The food was well presented. My Coxinha looked great. Two large balls with a dark brown crumb. They were cooked really well. As I broke through the crisp coating, the fork disappeared into smooth creamy mash potato. Further exploration revealed some deliciously saucy pulled chicken. They were served with the restaurants own sauce aptly named “YOM Sauce” This was a robust ranch style affair with a subtle spicy hit, a perfect friend for the Coxinha.

Lisa’s Squid was a stand-out. I can’t remember being served squid that was so well cooked. No rubber band texture here thank you very much. It was served with a variety of sauces that I could neither pronounce nor tell you what they were but were tasty all the same. There was a good handful of Dukkah scattered around the plate for some extra texture and the one sauce I did recognize was a zesty Lime Aioli. Everything came together and cheered along the hero, which was that outstanding squid.

One of the best squid I have tried.

I tried my mate’s chorizo. Nothing wrong here! A real smack in the chops Smokey flavour blended with the saltiness of the meat. Lovely!

A smokey delight!

With entrees devoured and nods of approval all round, the mains followed close behind. I asked for my steak to be cooked medium rare and that’s exactly what I got. It was served with a creamy Chimichurri sauce, a little tomato vinaigrette, and some rosemary potatoes. The potatoes for me held the same V.I.P status as the steak. They were rich and buttery, and we all know butter makes everything even better.

Cooked to perfection.

Lisa’s mushroom dish was a hit. Large portobellos covered with the surprise of the night… deep fried enoki mushrooms, an inspired touch. The plate was enhanced with some wild rice and lentils and some chili to give a bit of heat. Lisa was more than happy with it.

Love what they did with the Enokis!

The chicken burger was fairly standard fare and they were certainly not stingy with the chips! The pork belly was cooked well. A nice crispy crackle, and again very generous portions. It was dressed with some pickled carrot and some salad leaf. My friends only criticism was that it would have been nice to have had a bit of apple sauce with it—Well we are English, and we like what we like!

All in all, a great evening. We had a little nose around the new venue. It really is massive. They have a function room which also serves as a casual area for drinks and nibbles. For the warmer months they have a garden area out the back. It was an inspired move deciding to set up shop here as they

cover all bases. I was really impressed with the vibe too.

A pom wanted some Pomme :-)

As the time approached eight o’clock, we were asked if we wanted to go to the bar as the next sitting would be arriving soon. This is where they may need to be careful of the two-hour bookings, as if we had wanted a dessert, we would not have hat time to eat it. As a suggestion, possibly two and a half hours may work better? Alternatively, taking orders quicker may have worked. Obviously having only been opened a week these small wrinkles, I am sure, will be ironed out.

The service was a little bit slow at times, but to be perfectly honest, I actually like the unhurried pace that the restaurant runs at. We all left with a full belly and a relaxed mood. The bill wasn’t exorbitant. The food was well above average. Give the new venue a go, you won’t be sorry.

Pisco Sour. Wow!

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