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Somebody help, I woke up! (getting my satisfaction@The Townhouse Bunbury)

Motivation! Everyone needs it, I know I do. In a perfect world I would have rolled out of bed this #morning full of life and boundless energy, ready for the day. The truth is after waking at a time so early even my clock fell off the wall and gave up for the rest of the day, I find myself sluggishly flopping around my house, halfheartedly cleaning in a vain attempt to convince myself I have achieved something meaningful. The #temptation to crawl inside a confined space with more pillows than any one person should own and call it a day is almost overwhelming. I need a saviour... I need that black delicious nectar. You know what I am talking about! #Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Like some kind of crazed version of a sesame street character gone wrong, I give over to the temptation and head into town.

Every #cafe needs an ethos. Something that sets them apart from the all the other cafes that line the main street of any respectable CBD and at The #Townhouse

‘DEATH BEFORE DECAF’ seems an appropriate calling to any zombified human looking for their morning fix of brains... I mean #caffeine.

The transformation taking place inside this #venue is nothing short of a miracle. You enter, shoulders slumped, eyes still stuck together with a strange substance that no one can explain the origins of, clothes barely clinging to your body and the inability to string even a simple sentence together. And you leave looking and feeling like a super hero, bounding out the door ready to save the world from imminent disaster. The coffee is ‘Mano a Mano’, a ridiculous bean that can only be described as a gift from above. The staff are practitioners, measuring each amount of coffee with a specialized scale and grinding each bean on the spot as they go. And like all good practitioners, you need the best equipment and the #coffee machine looks like it’s travelled through time to bring the relieving news that all is good and humanity has banded together over our love of the bean.

I’m a long black man! That is not a description. It is a statement... now I feel like I’m digging a hole I won’t be able to get out of. In any case if I am drinking coffee it has to be black and strong and as my mug is delivered to my table I revel in the intoxicating scent, that smell that tells me the day is about to get better. The crema is gold and brown (the sign of a good coffee), the taste slightly bitter and sweet. After a few quick sips the transformation begins and I feel myself perking up already, the memory of the struggle of life this morning quickly dissipates and I can feel the #goodness and energy bringing me to life. So if you find yourself looking for a big cup of wake-me-up juice and no matter where you go it’s never enough, definitely check out #Townhouse. There is a ceramic cup here that defies logic.

Describing the X-tra large as just that does it no justice. If you have a spare scuba tank I suggest you bring it because if you order one of these you may find it hard to come up for air. I once fell into one and I am not entirely sure if I ever got out.

I could talk about coffee all day but it would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention the #fare on offer here, in particular the #Breakfast Burger. A thing of beauty the #chef lovingly stacks into a sculpture of pure deliciousness. Perched between locally baked crispy buns you will find a stack of #bacon (I like mine a little crispy and they are always willing to oblige), double hash, double egg, spinach and a lashing of salsa. Biting into this piece of art almost seems a shame... almost! The #eggs are cooked to perfection, yolks popping open as I bite down, rich and decadent while the bacon satisfies the caveman dwelling inside of me, screaming for meat! The Salsa provides a balance of sweetness with the salty pork and while I never understood the addition of greens to well pretty much anything, it does provide a hint of pepper and freshness that convinces me I have made a somewhat healthy choice to start my day.

There are plenty of options on the #menu, from the classic staples of bacon and eggs, #pancakes and a selection of toast with preserves (each of these have their own unique twist), to #healthier options for those who actually want to look after their temple (not I) of granola and parmesan baked beans. A selection of cold pressed juices and hand-made fresh fruit #smoothies are on offer daily and while I could keep going, I won’t.

You better just get yourself down here and try these things for yourselves; I haven’t even mentioned the lunch menu yet. Mmmmm, Buttermilk fried Chicken Burger....

If you are not a morning person, then The Townhouse is a reason to become one.

I’m heading out now to start my day and while the ‘Rolling Stones’ try and try and try to get their #satisfaction, I got mine and it’s going to last at least until tomorrow morning and then I’m gonna get it again.

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