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Spectacular Art in Dardanup!

Every year, #Dardanup hosts an event called #DardanupArtSpectacular and this year is no exception. It all began on the 5th of April but it doesn't end until the 13th so you still have time to launch yourself into an adventure called the #ArtTrail by following the turquoise flags from Dardanup to the many venues - galleries and wineries galore - in the Ferguson Valley where local art will be displayed and often for sale.

Here is the brochure if you want to plan your adventure more methodically.

All of the venues listed in the brochure will be open next weekend - St Aiden's Winery, the Moody Cow Brewery, Kingtree Lodge, Lyndendale Arts and Antiques, just to name a few! So why not treat yourself to a brand new experience and cultivate your senses.

You are guaranteed to see something you have never seen before.

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