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Spend a night with the stars...Hollywood not needed.

Pretty as a picture!!!

It is a real pleasure to tell you about a fantastic night my wife and I had recently in the beautiful Fergy Valley . Only half an hour away from Bunbury, but we decided that we were going to have an overnighter. We both love our wine, and neither of us wanted to drive home, so a bed and breakfast it was!! We had a beautiful lunch at St Aiden.#StAiden That blog is for another day, so look out for that one.

What I wanted to write about today, in fact I don’t just want to write about it, but climb to the top of the Bunbury tower and shout about it. I am thrilled to say I have found a gem!!

OK, let’s say you decide to go and have a day visiting the wineries and breweries, #wineriesandbreweries around the Ferguson Valley.#Fergusonvalley There are quite a few of them, let’s be honest. Your wife or husband has kindly said they would be skipper for the day, (ahhh that’s nice). But wait...What’s this you are feeling? It’s guilt!! Why should you be doing all the wine and beer sampling whilst they have to drive you around like the Lord or Lady of the manor?!! Well I have a solution, one that will earn you so many brownie points you’ll be using them for the rest of the year! Please Mark...tell us more I hear you all shouting! Well my Friends..The Answer??

Henty Lodge Bed and Breakfast. #HentyLodgeBedandBreakfast

To be frank, Bed and Breakfast does not do this place justice at all! I would call it a heavenly retreat, or perhaps paradise in the valley! It is stunning and the perfect place to stay the night after touring this beautiful area. First thing I am going to mention is that it only has two rooms, so you are guaranteed peace, quiet and privacy. It is set slap bang in the middle of the sprawling countryside, and is adjacent to a picturesque lake. My wife and I walked hand in hand around it. Kookaburra’s laughed at us, and the occasional flash of a rabbits bobbing white tail crossed our path. We stood on the water’s edge taking selfies, (yeah yeah, sad I know, but it’s the 21st century for heaven’s sake!!). We finished our walk and grabbed a bottle of sparkling wine #wine from our fridge and some cheese and crackers that we had bought with us.

Cheers one and all!!

We set up our feast on the table in the outside dining area and watched the sun go down..Absolutely heavenly. We were joined by a couple staying in the other room who were having an equally wonderful stay. They were holidaying from England and found the area breathtaking. After the sun had gone down, (and another bottle of wine) I suggested we turn the lights on the patio off and look up at the stars. As we were in the middle of the countryside, there is zero light pollution. We were treated to a spectacular display of the stars. We spent the next half an hour working out which constellations were which, (still insist there is one called THE DOG). Our night finished with some great conversations, we were joined by John and Michelle, the owners of this slice of paradise. They gave us some great tips on other places to visit around the area when we come back next, and believe me we will be staying here again.

Positively charming!!

The rooms are spacious with their own bathrooms,(We stayed in the Garden room) TV etc, everything that you would get in a hotel. There is a common area with a fridge for each room, this is where a delicious continental breakfast is served Delicious local homemade jams, Croissants, (excuse me, be back in a sec, need a napkin, my mouth is watering!!).....That’s better!! You are also treated to homemade fudge which is out of this world. I believe there was a bottle of Port that you could sample too, but I had enough wine so never got the chance!!

Lovely room

Private bathroom!

This place really does go the extra mile. It is also very affordable. Visit their web site, which will give you all the details. One of the best day/nights I have had in ages. A huge thanks to Michelle and John for making it so special...You guys Rock!!!

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