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Tasting a Taste Of Dalyellup

A very pleasant lunch

Over the last month, I have really enjoyed getting out and about and seeing what the South West has to offer. But as the old saying goes, “There’s no place like home!” This is particularly true of Taste of Dalyellup. Our very own café in the middle of our community.

Being a shift worker it’s nice sometimes on “Claytons Day” (the day I change from a day shift to night shift) to nip out around lunchtime and get a decent bite to eat before going to bed in readiness for the long drudgery of the first night at work. My wife had just returned from the dentist and with a look of hope on my face I suggested going for a coffee at Taste of Dalyellup. I knew if she agreed to coffee, I could stretch it out to lunch. She looked thoughtful and then agreed. It was on!

The Dalyellup shopping centre was fairly busy with morning shoppers. The café was relatively quiet. We had arrived at the twilight zone of too late for breakfast, but too early for lunch. Straight away, Lisa spotted the various trays of Sushi in the chiller cabinet. If there is one thing she finds it hard to resist, it’s Sushi.

Whilst she was deciding what Sushi to get, I ordered our coffees and picked up a menu off a vacant table. The menu had a good selection from an all-day breakfast, fish and chips, salads and a good selection of sandwiches. I was going to bed in an hour so didn’t want to get anything too heavy. I opted for a Chicken Sandwich. Lisa chose the chicken and avocado sushi.

Our coffees were bought out immediately. Lisa had a large latte and I had my usual long black. I liked the way I was offered a mug or cup…nice touch. The food followed closely behind. Certainly no complaints about the service. Lisa’s sushi looked great, there is something quite artistic about this Japanese dish. Big chunks of grilled chicken blanketed in sticky sushi rice. Slivers of avocado and streaks of Kewpie mayonnaise over the top, it looked like icing. Lisa was more than impressed with it. My Chicken Sandwich was much more than the title suggested. Grilled chicken, fresh lettuce and tomato, and a good slap of grilled cheese sandwiched between toasted slabs of Turkish bread. The big surprise was the homemade pesto that bought it all together. At first when I saw how much of the pesto was in it I thought that’s going to overpower everything else. I was wrong. The pesto was real subtle. Just enough basil to flavour the sandwich but not grab around the throat and throttle it! I was quite full once I finished but still managed to eat the generous amount of chips that came with it. I can honestly say I slept very well that afternoon.

Quick mention of the coffee. I know it’s all about personal preference. I like my mine strong. I got exactly what I asked for, the barista really knew what she was doing.

This was a very enjoyable lunch. If you live in Bunbury and fancy a bit of a change, venture out to Dalyellup and give this place a try. As well as a good varied menu, there are all sorts of cakes pies and pastries to tempt you. Great food and great service, can’t really ask for much more than that.

Awesome specials and terrific value too.

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