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The Serendipitous Scooter

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

My own definition of #serendipity is when an unexpected coincidence pans out.

When I made the decision to buy a motor-scooter a couple of months ago, I envisioned zipping from here, to there, to anywhere, easily. In my imagination, I watched my future scootering self embark on mini-adventures in #Bunbury with café-crawling foremost in my mind.

At the time of making the rather momentous decision to buy a motor-scooter it didn't occur to me that zipping around Bunbury, from café to café, on a motor-scooter, might be newsworthy in a #townaround bloggy kind of way. I simply wanted to visit some of Bunbury's cafes and restaurants in order to compare the vast array of #macchiatos on offer. The reason I wanted to do this by scooter is that I am pretty hopeless at parallel parking and parallel parking skills are vital now in the busy metropolis of Bunbury.

With over sixty restaurants, wine bars and cafes (yes, I have done my research but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong as maths is not my forte), Bunbury has become a microcosmic world of international cuisine. I can't wait to be able to scooter from one place to another but have decided to begin my journey at #Henry's Cafe. It seems the logical place to base myself as my son, Ming, works there as a waiter. He loves his job as you can see from this photo taken at Henry's last Halloween.

Check this place out on Facebook and I guarantee you will be intrigued....

Today I get my scooter. I am so excited! Here it is:

Isn't it a beauty!

My vision of riding it home to surprise my son, Ming, has been somewhat thwarted by the fact that I don't yet have my RE-A motorbike licence and my incredibly patient driving instructor tells me that I may need a few more (hundred) lessons. But that's okay. I have promised him that I will master the art of the U-turn on our driveway before my next lesson and his half-smile tells me that this is a good idea.

I don't think that this wonderful motorbike instructor realises that after each lesson I am so traumatised by my ineptitude that I almost immediately drive somewhere for a calming coffee. Yes, I kid you not, coffee has been mythologised as a stimulant for decades but, using myself as an experimental participant, my trials show an unequivocal link between coffee and calm.

Ming has just left with his friend. K, to pick up my scooter and ride it home for me (as he already has a motorbike licence). Yep, I am cautious and careful and almost always obey whatever the rules are.

Henry's, Bunbury restaurants, wine bars and cafes, see you soon! Put the kettle on! Watch out for a red-helmeted scooter-rider in need of the sustenance of a calming beverage.

Serendipity = a motor-scooter + Bunbury. Let the adventure into the known begin with Henry's! I would like to pre-order a long, double-shot macchiato, topped up and super hot for tomorrow morning. Wait a second; let me change that to a cappuccino!

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