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Welcome to Town Around Blog

Excited? Feels good to have your own space as writer I guess. We certainly are excited to have you.

Somebody once said that dance like nobody is watching and #blog like everyone is reading.

A Few simple #rules though.

  1. Keep writing #neat, and clear, use paragraphs as well as indexes and numbered lines. make reading as easy and #enjoyable as possible. Use pictures, videos and links if you want.

  2. #Categories your post, have a look at "choose categories" option, its at the bottom right hand side, I hope its still there :-)

  3. #Create a few practice posts now to see how you feel (blog is not available for public just yet so don't worry, write whatever you feel like), check different #functionalities that our blog offers and use them to make your blog look good.

  4. Its your own space, don't be afraid of #sharing it on your facebook wall, tweet it or wherever you like to share. Create more #followers for you and your blog.

  5. #Copyright is important to remember, if you using a piece of information from someone else, make sure you reference the author. Provide appropriate link and other details.

  6. We suggest you have the #consent of the place you writing about especially restaurants, let them know that you are a blog writer of #TownAround blog and wish to write about the food that you enjoyed. You might get a VIP service next time you go there :-)

  7. When you creating posts remember to help your #readers by point out to any of our #services that might be relevant and #useful for them, e.g. you writing about a certain restaurant, that restaurant might be in our #dine page, you can simply give that #link in your post so that they can book a table or order takeaway if they wish. Same thing applies with ride services etc.

  8. We all know that writing things which could be #unsuitable for community is never a good thing, let's keep your blog informative and friendly.

  9. You are presenting yourself as well as Town Around with your words and conversations that you might have with different people. Let's have each others back always. Town Around appreciate your participation and thank you for becoming part of an innovative southwest blog venture. We looking forward to see your amazing contents.

We will keep you updated with information on ongoing bases.

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