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What is the point? Emu Point... Café.

So, as you are going to learn, I love breakfast, I love brunch, I love food. I love going out to enjoy these things, and I also almost always order the same menu item – Eggs Benedict. Is there anything better?

I will say, I have a good, unfocused scan of each menu, contemplating new and exciting dishes to try, but 99% of the time I will settle on my old classic. – Does anyone else scan the menu every time even though they inevitably order the same item every single time?

Lucky for me, my sister also loves going out for brunch. So, off we went the other morning to Emu Point Café, literally at the tip of Emu Point, at the very end of Mermaid Avenue. Emu Point Café has it all. Stunning views of the water, comfortable seating both inside and outside, dog friendly, a park to shoo the kids off to for some peace, a widely recognised reputation for having the coolest staff and perfect coffee, and oh my goodness, the food.

I do have to say, I worked at Emu Point many years ago, very briefly. Turns out I am pretty useless as a waitress. Pity, because the team and the atmosphere was gorgeous. It is where I learnt to make the world’s best Aioli – a recipe I have since lost and am still sad about, and that the best seasoning for amazing hot chips is All Purpose Seasoning. However, my excitement over these things unfortunately did not translate into being a good waitress – rest assured, their current waitstaff are fantastic at their jobs.

Now, where was I. Eggs Benedict, my old favourite…. Or was I to order something new and exciting?! Well, turns out I can have both! I have not stopped thinking about this meal since that day. My Eggs Benedict from the current Emu Point Café Menu was something out of this world, needless to say, my sister was quite jealous, despite her gorgeous Cilbir Eggs. So, what I ordered and was delivered was the most divine plate of food. Picture this, perfectly cooked poached eggs, and I mean perfect, atop the crispiest roast potato bits you have ever seen, and wilted greens, with unbeatable apple cider hollandaise sauce, and topped with the most beautiful little pops of fried salty, salty capers. But that is not all, oh no, hidden under my perfect eggs, with my perfect potatoes, was ham hock pieces. Glorious, delicious morsels of smoked ham hock. I mentioned to my sister, it tasted like Christmas! If you have ever seen me eat something good you will know my “Happy Food Dance” well, I swear I danced my entire way through this meal. I can not recommend it enough. My sister and I made plans to return soon so she can have the same experience.

But let’s not forget the coffee! Emu Point is proud to serve only Stash Coffee from our gorgeous nearby Denmark. And I cannot recommend the Iced Coffees strongly enough. Now my sister has an Iced Long Black, with no sugar or anything, her sadness water I like to call it, but each to their own. I prefer a good milky, creamy, ice creamy, sugary iced coffee. But the gorgeous Iced Coffees we get at Emu Point take the cake, no need for cream or ice cream, or even sugar. Mine arrived in a gorgeous jam jar glass (don’t you just love those!) filled with ice, milk and coffee, gorgeous, smooth, strong coffee. I despise it when you order an iced coffee and get an exceptionally large glass of milk with a drop of coffee in it. The iced coffee at Emu Point is absolutely perfect.

So, just a few little titbits about Emu Point Café I have also gained along the way. Eco Friendly for the win! Keep cups, being featured in the book Plastic Free Stories, being re-blogged by The Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Melissa Joan Hart about their Share Cups initiative. Not to mention an ever evolving and exciting menu, changing seasonally, as well as the kiosk for a lower key, fresh out of the surf, kids in tow Ice Cream or Hot Chips.

Honestly, head to Emu Point Café, you will not regret it.

Side note – be nice to the staff, they are amazing, and times are tough. Humans are humans are humans.

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