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Where pizza performs perfectly: Ferguson Falls Cafe

The Ferguson Valley isn't just inhabited by gnomes and wine aficionados; it is also inhabited by the most fantastic pizza-makers in the state. That's not just my opinion; it's a fact. In 2017, Ferguson Falls Café won the GOLD Plate award for the best pizza in Western Australia.

The trouble with writing about pizza, when you love pizza as much as I do, is that this single magical word immediately triggers an almost unbearable mouth-wateriness which you know you will have to wait until the weekend to assuage. With the exception of Good Friday, Ferguson Falls Café opens between 10am and 4pm, Friday to Sunday. This weekend they are opening on Easter Monday as well.

It's not just the pizza and other gourmet delights that beckon me. It's not just the delicious wine and picturesque setting. It's the warm welcome you are guaranteed to receive from Laura and Tim Giumelli. Laura's hugs are particularly compelling and I like to think that they are reserved especially for patrons like me.

Speaking of reserved, a word of advice - make a reservation! This café (what an understatement!) is usually packed. I love the feeling of being in a crowd of tourists and locals because it's so interesting to be part of such an array of people for whom the single common denominator is pure, unadulterated, gastronomic delight!

I am lucky enough to live only a short distance from Ferguson Falls Café which is situated at 172 Pile Road, in Dardanup. So, guess where I'm heading this Saturday? Yes, you are right. I am heading up to a place where pizza performs perfectly every time.

Ferguson Falls Café!

Only three more sleeps!

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