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You do quality food, we do speedy deliveries!

Town Around Dines- A food delivery app | Growing rapidly and FREE to join.

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  • Powerful Apps

  • Through web

  • We can connect it to your web and Facebook page. 

  • All orders directed to your business app. 

90% of the people who take trips with us are the direct customers of restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and clubs. 

Our Online, Offline advertisement on regular basis keeps your business in spotlight.

Stay Partners

We partner with accommodation providers in the area and their customers get direct access to your business when you are registered with us.

For your Business

  • Increase sales- Increase sales without occurring any upfront costs

  • Time saving - Receive order and accept it, takes 10 seconds.

  • Delivery drivers - We do deliveries so you can concentrate on good food

  • Precise orders - Less mistake in orders because customer can take their time to order

  • Order more - When its easy to use & order people tend to order more.  

  • Cost saving - We take care of deliveries and technology means more savings on fuel, car maintenance, insurance,  extra staff and ordering systems. 

  • Best technology - Modern app gives you complete control over how you want to do business and a smooth ordering experience for your customers. You can also integrate our system to your web or Facebook pages.

  • Advertisement - Reach more locals as well as tourists staying in town when you registered with us. Its free.

  • No lock in contracts - There are no lock in contracts.

  • 24/7 support - We have got you covered when you need help.

Overview of Business App!

Incredible Design

We love offering the best technology and design. To-the-point, simple, crisp!
Just Perfect.

Detailed Order

Customer and delivery details: name, phone number, address, client location on the map

Any device

iOS & Android, the assigned tablet or smartphone becomes an order receiving machine!

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China City Garden

“Ever since we joined Town Around Dines we can concentrate on in house guests while they take care of deliveries. It saves us time, money and we have whole heap of new customers ordering everyday”.  

Pasta Cup Eaton

“Its been a great thing for us. We love the way it works and connect us with our customers. We can now reach far distance customers easily

Just one thai

“I Save on overheads while customers enjoy my food conveniently in their own homes ”

Chicken Treat Blair street

Why town around dines?

Gives you complete control over business

Open or Close Business

You can open or close your business when you want in your app. There are no lock in contracts and you are in charge.

You are in control

Notification at every step of delivery. All your orders details are available in your dashboard to check anytime.  

Transparent Prices

You set the price and we display that to the customer. We don't add extras or credit card fees. 

Daily settlements

Your collection is transferred daily. So you won't have to worry about cashflow. 

People are moving to apps

Its an App and appetite phenomena.Town around dine app gives an easy to use interface and presents your business in a user friendly and most effective way. Its easy to use, quick, have more options, information and gives all the insights at one place.

Be available at the right time

A customer's thought to dine out or takeaway leads to option exploration. 

Are you there? When a customer is looking for a place to dine out or order takeaway? 

Riders and Holiday makers

People who use our ride services are the direct customers of hospitality businesses. On top of that we partner with local accommodation providers. We promote your business to our riders and their clients as well. 

Got a question?

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